About Us

The companies that will win in today's challenging marketplace are the ones that succeed in implementing an enterprise intelligence infrastructure that makes the process of obtaining valuable insights fast, reliable repeatable and customer friendly approach."

Jforce Technology Services offers a provenHassle Free Business Technology Platform Called BusinessBed to transform&run your business from anywhere within no less TCO and Higher ROI, low-risk technology foundation that provides consistent, reliable, high-quality information in a useable format. With an integrated set of data management, business intelligence and analytical solutions, linked together via an open, extensible architecture, BusinessBed Cloud Services delivers the enterprise intelligence that empowers your organization to accelerate speed to market, deepen relationships with your customers and suppliers, manage risk and extend competitive advantage.

Our customers will be our dynamic and collaborative partners in the quest to continually refine and enhance our products and services. This will result in creative "outside-the-box" thinking continuously expanding the borders of innovation and collaborative processes.

Customer Care, Quality and Integrity are the values on which BusinessBed was built-in, progressing with a mission to remain a major market player in both Domestic and International whirlpool by offering Quality Products, Support, Solutions and Professional Support . We provide Quality products and Solutions that meet International Quality Standards backed by a full life cycle support bringing substantial benefit to customers through lower cost of ownership. Our product line is competitive and covers all customers’ requirements from suggestions, study, design, development, testing maintenance and post implementation, and support within an infinitely flexible structure.

JforceBusinessBed Cloud Services is unique in its capabilities and offer the most competitive specialized service in terms of quality, time-scales and cost through Enterprise, Custom Cloud model. BusinessBed Cloud Services was set up in response to needs for Integrated Network solutions in small to medium sized businesses. BusinessBed Cloud Services provides all of the necessary software, hardware and technical-expertise required to implement cross-platform solutions.